Huawei E5770 LTE FDD/TDD Mobile WiFi Router with RJ45

Huawei E5770 Mobile WiFi Router with RJ45

Huawei has unveiled a new mobile LTE hotspot E5770 with integrated RJ45 LAN interface at MWC in Barcelona. The E5770 LTE router also has a very powerful battery (5,200 mAh), achieving an operating time of up to 20 hours. The Internet could be connected via the LTE cellular modem or via LAN interface.

First MiFi hotspot with LTE Cat4 and RJ45 interface
The Huawei E5770 is the first mobile wireless router from Huawei, which is combined LTE Category 4 with a RJ45 LAN interface and a powerful battery. As we know before, the fastest 3G mobile Wi-Fi hotspot was Huawei E5730, which also has an Ethernet port, but unfortunately it did not support LTE, and a maximum of 42.2 Mbit/s could be achieved on UMTS network. Huawei E5770 provide better solution with higher speed for LTE network.
The Huawei E5770 comes with a black, leather-like plastic surface and has a small 0.96 inch OLED display on the front that displays the information such as the network operator name and the used data volume. Under a cover on the side, you will find the RJ45 LAN port and the microUSB port for charging the battery. In addition, a USB with output of 5V/2A is available, so you can use the Huawei E5770 also for charging other devices such as smartphones (“Power Bank” function).

LTE and Wi-Fi
Based on the LTE Modem in Huawei E5770, it can reach speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s for the downlink and 50 Mbit/s for the uplink in the LTE network. In the UMTS network, possible speed could reach up to 42.2 Mbit/s in the downlink on DC-HSPA+. Which frequency bands are supported, Huawei didn’t indicate at MWC in Barcelona. However, it is assumed that there will be several variants for different markets like other Huawei models such as E5786.

However, it’s a pity that Huawei E5770 wireless module only works in the 2.4 GHz band, the 5 GHz band is not available in this device. Up to 10 users can be connected simultaneously with the Huawei E5770, an eleventh device can connect to the internet via the USB interface.

Huawei E5770 is a perfect pocket router for travel. It provides a wonderful solution for business journey. When user need internet at hotel or outdoor, Huawei E5770 would be a good partner. We believe Huawei E5770 will be available soon.

Huawei B890-66 4G LTE : LTE: v 4G (HSPA): 1700MHz AWS (Band IV) / 1900MHz (Band II) / 850MHz (Band V)Mobile Gateway Router

Test:Huawei B890-75 FDD800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz 4Lan+1Wan Wireless Mobile Gateway Router


This modem kills two birds with one stone, providing both better mobile coverage and fast Internet without a cable into the house. Have Internet before, the modem as a backup that takes over if the fixed network fails.
Not everyone is so lucky that they live so that it is possible to get fast broadband to the door. Build cabin today, there will not be natural to embed copper wire to get a dial tone.

Better mobile coverage

With external antenna, we find that the signal is significantly better.
With external antenna, we find that the signal is significantly bedre.Foto: Manufacturer
Huawei B890 provides Internet via the mobile network, a solution with 4G in many cases gives as good as it speeds fiber and coax-users experience. In addition, it comes with a clever extra feature. The router is namely also a DECT base – ie technology used in good old wireless landlines. It comes with a phone with its own charging station. Do you generally poor mobile coverage inside the cabin, this is brilliant. Base station have higher power than your phone, and then you can bring mobile calls via DECT phone, even after the regular phone must succumb.

You can dial out and receive calls, send SMS and otherwise make the most of what you otherwise could with a regular cell phone. Buyer you own SIM card into the router will this get their own phone, and you get “landline” on the purchase. The only thing you must remember is that you need a SIM card that also supports speech. It does not have the usual SIM cards for mobile Internet.

Since most subscriptions include free speech, this is no stupid solution. It is especially useful if there are more people who use the phone – for example, children who do not yet have their own telephone, or if the modem is used in a workplace. It also gives you the opportunity to have a separate telephone number in the cabin, boat or home office.

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Range of up to 300 meters

Do you dual cards will DECT phone call while your mobile phone.

If you do not want to spend money on having a separate SIM card or a twin card to the router, you can use the SIM card from your phone, and still be available for calls – at least as long as you are near. DECT phone looks enough like a mobile phone from the days before the entry smartphone, but it works only within range of the base station, max 300 meters.

With this “mobile” you have better conditions for coverage where other mobiles falls out.
With this “mobile” you have better conditions for coverage where other mobiles falls ut.Foto: Espen Irwing Swang
Do you need it, you can associate all six handsets to the base station. One handset supplied the other may be DECT phones you already have, or you can buy new ones.

The router supports both 3G and thus 4G but not GSM / 2G. That means it will not work in areas where you only have EDGE coverage. When you speak with the DECT phone modem will use 3G. You can surf and talk at the same time, but then will also go surfing via 3G.

Supports the new 800 MHz networks

WEB_Image Hyttepakken B890 og XPOL2-antenne 3G- 4G148884278 (1) dect.1000x562!
Photo: Espen Irwing Swang
The modem supports 4G of the “new” 800 MHz frequency, in addition to 900/1800/2100 and 2600 MHz. Maximum download speed is 100 Mbps, while the maximum upload speed is 50 Mbps. There are faster modem, but in today’s networks have little to gain from buying so-called CAT4 modem with max 150 Mbps download, because operators no case lets you charge the nights with so fast downloads.

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On the router, there are three LAN ports and 1 WAN port, whether you use it in combination with WAN. When the SIM card will serve as a backup when the WAN is down.

In addition, the router a USB port that lets you share external memory or printers.

The wireless router communicates at 2.4 GHz, but not at 5 GHz. This means that the connection can be a bit iffy though there are many other wireless networks nearby.

Tested with and without external antenna

For this test, we got us an external antenna to put on the house wall, or in our case, the cabin wall. The external antenna is a Poynting XPOL 8 dBi panel antenna 4G. That it has 4G in the name naturally means that it supports 4G frequencies, but it also supports 3G and 2G, if you were wondering. But modem from Huawei also has no support for 2G.

The antenna provides a minimum of 8 dBi gain antenna signal and measures 26 x 26 centimeters. It weighs only a pound and a fastening bracket makes installation simple. The antenna is directional, so it pays to inform themselves about where the signal is strongest before installing the firm. Best is to place the antenna as high as possible, especially because the highest frequencies muted much of vegetation or house walls.

The antenna comes with two five-meter long antenna cables, which are screwed on the back of the router. Fixing on the router itself is narrow, and the two connectors are fairly close. Here it is okay to use a small wrench to get the cables in place.

Approximate coverage map

The coverage map shows that it is a difficult area cottage is in, but both Netcom (purple = 4G) and Telenor (blue = 4G) claims to have coverage exactly where the cabin is located.
The coverage map shows that it is a difficult area cottage is in, but both Netcom (purple = 4G) and Telenor (blue = 4G) claims to have coverage exactly where the cottage ligger.Foto: Espen Irwing Swang
The area cabin is located, according to their coverage maps to Netcom and Telenor have access to 4G. In both cases, the lodge is situated in an area where coverage map has some holes, but since the cabin is located on a hilltop, and in addition is marked for coverage on both maps, we expected to get good speed on mobile broadband.

Our first attempt was to wander around inside the cabin to find out where the coverage was the best. It turned out that we were at a couple of points in the living room got symbol H + on your mobile screen. 4G so we have nothing, neither when we strolled a walk around the cabin. So we put the modem on the loft and made some measurements. The modem was moved around, but we never came across 3 Mbps download with Netcom. With Telenor we got speeds of up to 10Mbps, which is actually okay, but not quite what we had expected.

External antenna, faster web

Then it was time to try with the external antenna.

Since we would wait to drill holes in the cabin wall until we knew it had something for themselves, we pulled cable through a window in the loft. Then antenna panel raised to ceilings and revolved around hoping that 4G would report for duty. It did not happen.

But it happened otherwise. Suddenly 3G coverage to Netcom been much better, and we measured download speeds up to 13 Mbps. Could Telenor coverage make a percentage equal big jump, it would approach the speed you get from traditional broadband ..

But Telenor polls ended at the same speeds with Netcom.

Now both Netcom and Telenor in the process of building out its 4G network with base stations that support 800MHz. This rate increases coverage considerably, and hopefully it also means that we will not long be ours “broadband at the cottage,” as the ads with deadlines.

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But for it to be useful, must also data quotas increased. When we tested were Netcom quota of 8GB exhausted during one day. Our eminent PC discovered namely that it had net access and synchronized in the dark of night both OneDrive, DropBox and Googe Disk. Also mobile phones as their chance to send images to cloud storage.

It helps little to set the phones and cameras so they only sync over Wi-Fi, when Wi-Fi is the gate to the mobile network.

Mobile calls via DECT

Photo: Espen Irwing Swang
The accompanying DECT phone worked as expected, with good sound quality and a simple user interface. There is already a little nostalgic with phone keys, and strictly speaking have extra phone limited benefit when we still have mobile coverage at the cabin. But you are among those who have weak mobile coverage of the cabin, the outer reinforcing antenna hopefully help you avoid having to stand with his head out the window to make contact with the outside world.

In our test gets router operate fairly undisturbed by other networks, and we experienced 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n as sufficient. With the modem in place we can also follow what happens at the cabin, via IP cameras connected to the wireless network. This works fine on 3G. There is no problem to flow TV2 Sumo or Netflix in HD quality to the TV, as long as you have enough data available on subscription.

Huawei E5172As-22 LTE FDD800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz TDD2600Mhz Wireless Gateway Router

The Huawei E5172 is a new wireless router for 4G LTE TDD FDD global networks, it features a download speed of up to 150Mbps and provides access to up to 32 WiFi devices as well as desktop computers through an Ethernet cable.

The E5172 features a single RJ45 Ethernet port, WiFi for up to 32 users and also features an RJ11 telephone port for the connection of a standard analogue telephone to enable GSM calls or can be configured within the web browser interface to enable this POTS phone to make calls over a VoIP service instead. Of course, when using a telephone to make calls over GSM then the 4G SIM card being used with the E5172 4G Router will need to support voice calls.

The E5172As-22 router features an external antenna connector which is the SMA screw type so can be connected to an external 4G antenna if required. The WiFi antennas are inside the router casing and cannot use external WiFi antennas. The E5172 only provides a single SMS antenna port so cannot be used with 4G MiMo antennas and we recommend using an external 4G antenna only in situations where the router is located in a position with very poor or no signal, but an external 4G antenna can be located nearby in a location with a good 4G network signal.

The E5172 CPE Router is an ideal home entertainment and information exchange hub, providing multiple devices simultaneous high-speed Internet access, high-definition video downloads and real-time video viewing and transmission. The Huawei E5172 is also perfect for SOHO and small businesses with its connectivity options to VOIP telephone and fax, printers and other office equipment.

Huawei E5172As-22
4G LTE-FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
4G LTE-TDD 2600Mhz
2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz.



$_57$_57 (1)$_57 (3)

Huawei E5172s-22 FDD800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz TDD2600Mhz Wireless Mobile Gateway Router


4G LTE gateway 
Connect your computers, tablets, and other devices to the Internet via high-speed 4G LTE channel. In addition to the device, you need a SIM card with the best rate of the cellular operator. The ability to connect an external antenna can greatly improve communication in remote areas. In the absence of LTE coverage, E5172 switches to 3G.


WiFi access point and connect to LAN 
E5172 router may be included in a wired Ethernet network to “distribute” the Internet via cable, and at the same time it can be WiFi access point (802.11 b / g / n) to wireless devices.

Connect your phone

E5172 has a connector for connecting a regular phone. You will be able to provide access to the Internet and make voice calls as if it was an ordinary cell phone. Optional (check when buying!) Complete with E5172 can go built-in battery that will provide job number, if you suddenly lost external power. E5172 also supports VoIP SIP.


Features 4G LTE modem

Standards GSM: GPRS, EDGE

Data Transfer 3G HSDPA, HSPA +, HSUPA

Data Transmission 4G: LTE to 150 Mbit / s

Reception / shipped SMS: yes

Connector for Outer GSM/3G/LTE antenna: yes

Standards LTE FDD: 2600/2100/1800/900/800 MHz, TDD 2600 MHz

Features Wi-Fi hotspot

Standard: 802.11 b / g / n

Antenna Type: Internal

Privacy Protection: WEP, WPA, WPA2

features Router

Ethernet Ports: 1 x LAN

Speed LAN Ports: 10/100 Mbit / s

IP Filter: Yes

Virtual server (port forwarding): Yes

DMZ: Yes

NAT: Yes

DHCP server: Yes

IPv6 Support: Yes

VoIP adapter: EST, SIP

Connect the phone / fax

Number of ports RJ-11: 1

storage of data

USB Host: no

General characteristics

Web interface: Yes

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8

Dimensions (W × H × D): 173 × 124 × 32 mm

Weight: 500 g

$_57 (4)$_57 (5)$_57 (6)$_57 (7)$_57 (8)$_57 (9)$_57 (10)$_57 (11)$_57 (18)



Huawei B593s FDD800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz TDD2600Mhz VOIP Wireless Gateway Router


The Huawei B539s-22 4G routers offer execeptional value for money, but still packed with features ideal for SOHO businesses. This embedded 4G router enables the user to insert their 4G SIM card and connect multiple devices using the Ethernet ports for wired connections or connect via the high speed WiFi wireless hotspot.


Huawei B593s-22 Features:-


– High Speed Embedded 4G Router – Insert 4G SIM and share your internet.

– 4 x LAN Ports for wired connectivity

– Enhanced WiFi Coverage

– File Sharing

– VPN Pass-through

– Easy to use Mobile Control

– Secure Online Upgrade

– LTE Cat4 and CSFB & VoIP supported

– WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for up to 32 users

– Rear panel of B593 is removable and reveals 2 x SMA External Cellular Antenna Connectors for External 4G Antennas.

– Features RJ11 Telephone port but this is not for GSM Calls – it is for VoIP Calls (NOT SKYPE) – however VoIP over 4G is not always supported by UK 4G service providers.


As a high-performance LTE CPE device, the B593s-22 enables home office (SOHO) users to get access to wireless and wired networks.


Router Overview


The B593s-22 supports the following frequency bands:


Frequency division duplex (FDD): 2600/2100/1800/900/800 MHz

Time division duplex (TDD): 2600 MHz


EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 1900/1800/900/850 MHz


Huawei 4G 3G 2G Router

The B593s-22 can work in any of the following network standards:


Dual Carrier High Speed Packet Access Plus (DC-HSPA+)

High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+)

High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)

High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)

Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)


The B593s-22 provides the following services and functions:

Data services

Short message service (SMS)

USB Sharing services

Security functions

Maintenance and management



You can buy from here:

Test:Huawei E5175 (E5175s-22) Cat6 300Mbps FDD800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz TDD2600Mhz Mobile Wireless Gateway Router

Huawei E5175 (E5175s-22) 4G LTE CPE Technical Specifications:

* LTE CAT6 Download Speed up to 300mbps, upload speed to 50Mbps @ 20MHz + 20MHz BW

* LTE FDD DD800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz, TDD 2600MHz

* DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/UMTS 900/2100MHz

* GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

* WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz, up to 64 devices

* 4 RJ45(GE) interface + 2 RJ11 Interface + 1 USB host interface

* Two External antenna connector (Buy Huawei E5175 External Antenna)

* Firewall, CS Voice, VoIP, VoLTE, TR069 Remote Management

* HTTP Online Upgrade, QoS, USB Share, UPnP

* IPV6, DLNA, Fax, Print, VPN

HUAWEI E5175s-22 LTE Cat6 Router Technical Specifications
Model Number HUAWEI E5175s-22
SIM Lock Status Unlocked, SIM Card Free
Form type 4G LTE Router /LTE Wireless Gateway
Opterator Model Vodafone B4000
Chipset/platform Hisilicon
Category LTE Category 6 (3GPP Release 11) WiFi Router
Network Bands
4G/LTE Frequency Bands Huawei E5175S-22 : Band 1/3/7/8/20/38 (FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz & TDD 2600MHz)
3G UMTS/WCDMA Bands 2100/900Mhz
2G GPRS/GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Data Rate Speed
4G/LTE FDD link Speed Downstream: 300Mbit/s Upstream: 150Mbit/s
4G/TD-LTE link Speed Downstream: 224Mbit/s Upstream: 20Mbit/s
3G DC-HSPA+ Link Speed Downstream: 42Mbit/s Upstream: 5.76Mbit/s
3G HSPA+ Link Speed Downstream: 21Mbit/s Upstream: 5.76Mbit/s
3G UMTS Link Speed Downstream: 384Kbit/s Upstream: 186Kbit/s
Other Features
MIMO Support YES, 2 X 2 MIMO
WiFi Support 802.11 b/g/n/ac, WiFi peak speed to 300mbps, 2.4GHz/5GHz
Maximum Users Supported 64 Users
SD Card Slot YES, SD card up to 32GB
USB Type 1 x USB 2.0 for host sharing and Printer
External Antenna 2 External antenna (SMA female)
Ethernet Port 4 x RJ-45 (One for WLAN/LAN, Three for LAN)
Telephone port 2 x RJ-11 for Analog Telephone
Battery No Working time:
Weight 450g
OS Supported Windows/Linux/Mac OS
IPV 6 Support Yes
Supported Operators Telekom, Vodafone, Orange, E-plus, A1,3 UK, EE, STC, Telstra,



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Test:Huawei E5186s-61a FDD700/1800/2600Mhz TDD2300Mhz Cat6 300Mbps Wireless CPE Router(In Stock)

Huawei E5186 4G LTE CAT6 CPE Router

300Mbps 4G LTE CPE Wireless Gateway

  • 100% Unlocked CPE router for Worldwide Use
  • LTE FDD 700/1800/2600MHz TDD 2300Mhz
  • DC-PA+/HSPA+/UMTS 900/2100MHz
  • LTE CAT6 Download Speed up to 300mbps, upload speed to 50Mbps @ 20MHz + 20MH
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz, 64 Wi-Fi users simultaneously
  • Free fast DHL/Fedex/Aramex/EMS Shipping to Anywhere

Huawei E5186 4G LTE Router

Huawei E5186 4G LTE router is an outstanding LTE-Advanced (CAT6) router which supports band 1/3/7/8/20 and 38. In addition to LTE-Advanced by device Category 6 (CAT6), all previous users have use of the LTE standard. Also, the operation over 3G and 2G is readily possible.

The E5186 wireless router also dominates the latest wireless standard AC so that internal networks can be established with a maximum data rate of 300Mbps. It could support WiFi 2.4Ghz and Wi-Fi 5GHz, and enables up to 64 Wi-Fi devices to enter int o the mobile network at one time.

Huawei E5186 Broadband Router Specifications

  • Huawei E5186s-61a Network:
    * LTE FDD 700/1800/2600MHz TDD 2300Mhz
    * DC-PA+/HSPA+/UMTS 900/2100MHz
    * GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Speed:
    * LTE CAT6 Download Speed up to 300mbps, upload speed to 50Mbps @ 20MHz + 20MHz BW
  • Wi-Fi:
    WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz, supports Wi-Fi devices up to 64 devices
  • Interface port:
    * 4 RJ45(GE) interface + 2 RJ11 Interface + 1 USB host interface
  • Features:
    * Firewall, CS Voice, VoIP, VoLTE, TR069 Remote Management
    * HTTP Online Upgrade, QoS, USB Share, UPnP
    * IPV6, DLNA, Fax, Print, VPN
  • Size: 194 x 177 x 64 mm , about 450g
  • Package:
    1 * new Huawei E5186s-61a router;
    1 * power adapter;
    1* network cable



You can buy online here:

Test:Huawei E5186s-22 Cat4 300Mbps CPE Router

From 2014, Huawei bring a new 4G router E5186 to its 4G product range, which is expected to mark a quantum leap in the development for 4G equipment. It’s virtual that all of the new standards are on board and will shape new global standards from the end of 2014. For the first time, LTE-Advanced (CAT6) and VoLTE are supported on the same device, that is Huawei E5186 LTE Wireless Gateway. You can read more about the new flagship below.

Features and characteristics of Huawei E5186

Manufacturer and type designation Huawei E5186s-22 (HiSilicon chip)
Download rate Up to 300 Mbit/s
Upload rate Up to 50 Mbits/s
Supported LTE Bands: LTE 2600 MHz / 2100 MHz / 1800 MHz /
900 MHz / 800 MHz (FDD) + LTE 2600 MHz TDD
LTE-Advanced Support yes (first time)
Backward compatible with HSPA/HSPA+/UMTS (900/2100 MHz); GSM
MIMO Support MIMO 2×2
Connector for external antenna yes, 2 SMA connectors (Buy Huawei E5186 Antenna)
Category LTE modem category 6! (CAT6)
With integrated telephone system yes, VOIP SIP Client
Support VoLTE (Voice over LTE) yes
Connection for analog phones yes, 2xRJ11
Integrator answering machine
Network | LAN & WLAN  
LAN ports 4 LAN Gigabit ports (RJ45)
WLAN standards WLAN 802.11b/g/n/ac for up to 64 users
5 GHz WLAN support yes
Encoding WEP, WPA, WPA2
USB yes, 1 x USB 2.0
Dimensions / Weight 194 x 177 x 64 mm and 450 grams
Information material  
Manual Not available online



LTE Advanced and VoLTE


In spite of the appearance of Huawei E5186 looks like its predecessor Huawei B593, the standard is still the new evolution of the LTE technology.  Many European operator such as O2, Vodafone and Telekom, start deploying the further significant faster LTE-Advanced network from this summer. With the LTE-Advanced technology, the data rate of 225-300 Mbps could be achieved. We also concern about “true” LTE telephone which has not been in use. The so-called VoLTE is very convenient when calling significantly increases. Huawei E5186 could also work at the outdoor environment and is therefore ideally equipped for the future.



Technology at a glance


As already indicated, the wireless capabilities of the E5186 are outstanding. LTE is supported on the band 1/3/7/8/20 and 38 on Huawei E5186s-22. But there is Huawei E5186s-61 which supports different LTE frequency bands. In addition to LTE-Advanced  Category 6 ( CAT6 ), the operation over 3G and 2G is also possible. So all mobile phone types are supported by Huawei E5186. The router also dominates the latest wireless standard AC so that internal networks can be established with a maximum data rate of 1300 Mbps. A bottleneck via WLAN is therefore not to be expected in LTE-Advanced mode.



On the back of Huawei E5186, there are 4 Gigabit LAN ports (RJ45), two RJ-11 jacks for phones and a USB port. In addition, the power port and an on/off switch are at the side of phone jacks. Two external antennas can also be connected as usual, in case the reception conditions are not sufficient.




You will probably never find a DECT connection at Huawei. However, the operation over VOIP is possible on E5186. What is new, as already mentioned, the support of Voice over LTE ( VoLTE ). If the provider offers the LTE technology, calls can thus be handled directly by the contract SIM card via mobile phone. The advantage for customers: more stable connections, call setup in under 2 seconds, and perfect voice quality.

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Test:Huawei E5186s-22a LTE FDD800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz TDD2600Mhz Cat6 300Mbps Mobile Wireless Gateway Router

Third speedbox LTE is a new wireless router, telecom, is the first to support LTE-Advanced. The apparatus is provided with a terminal application thought and wireless or LAN and internet. Six is due to the speed of LTE reaches 300 Mbit / s. Here is a summary of technical data of speedbox LTE.


The function and performance of speedbox 3
The manufacturer and model (HUAWEI Hisilicon e5186s – 22A chip)
Until 300 Mbit / s downloadrate
Until 50 Mbit / s uploaddrate
LTE LTE supports ligament: 2600 MHz / 2100 MHz and 1800 MHz /
The 900 MHz and 800 MHz (FDD LTE TDD + 2600 MHz)
Support LTE-Advanced (first)
Backward compatible with UMTS HSPA, HSPA +: (GSM; 9002100 MHz);
Support for MIMO 2×2 MIMO
The external antenna connector is SMA connector 2
Category: Cat6
Without an integrated telephone system
Wired and wireless networks |
4 port Gigabit LAN LAN port (RJ45)
Wireless standard 802.11b / N / G wireless communication / users up to 64
Support is 5 GHz wireless
WEP encryption, WPA, WPA2
USB does not
Size / weight of 190 x 200 x 32 mm (about 518
Information materials
The test report, with three read speedbox router.
Not available online documentation.
From 9 since the end of 2014……

And speedbox III, along with the little brother not router market! This is the first time in Germany all routers have what respectively, LTE-Advanced LTE hardwarekategorie Cat6 supports. Therefore, before the hardware supporting netzstart available.
The first impression
In the original model is known Huawei Telecommunications Series, as usual expensive black. Located just 4 Gigabit ports on the back. Notice the first 4 LED information on the “power”, “fashion”, WiFi and router configuration signal. One can be directly through the browser. The right router provides a WPS and Wi – Fi and a button, a reset button. The SIM card will also be in the top right of the space axis.
Only the quickest is good enough
Who is a new high performance routers, wireless search, obtain an attractive solution with the new device of the German telecom. Third speedbox LTE LTE-Advanced support in addition to give up halfway up to 300 Mbps download speed (50 Mbps upload speed) also uses the latest 802.11ac wireless LAN standard. This feature at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In addition, of course, are also integrated in the slow interfaces, need to use. The wireless 802.11 a / B / g and the use of N and GSM 2G / 3G and 4G can start, if not now available. And LTE band (900 / 1800800 and 2600 / 2100 MHz coverage. The external antennenanschluss is a small found hidden behind the back cover. The box can be up to 64 terminal and wireless routers in the network.


As a basic telecom router state e5186 HUAWEI godfather. Third speedbox LTE technology based on the device, but there are still some differences. Also bezeichnungszusatz e5186s – 22A proposed modification. The original e5186 also holds two RJ11 connectors and a standard USB 2. Similarly, software (Firmware), you find a sign in front of the different operators. In addition, the voice information in front of the LED.
At this point is clear, why have no doubt that the hardware speedport two substitution, but mobile ticketing sales. Because they do not support digital or analog phone. Who do not want to give up, should expect in b4000. That he is using this technique has been used to. Of course also calls without question. Vodafone is therefore less of a problem, because their family fare only VoIP Telecom, on the contrary. Send and receive text messages (SMS) is possible for three speedbox LTE.
The appropriate fare
Full time course, routers need a ticket, provide enough power. A mobile surftarife (data and Telecommunications), also Allnet principle surface (magenta Mobil). The realization of the two current up to 150 Mbit / s. Start the LTE-Advanced value doubled, but has been the development of radio technology field and availability. We suggest that the data have been from the comfort of the 14.95 euro. Because it is not necessarily the most expensive bag. The maximum speed of choice “(level LTE euros per month), to obtain an updated maximum data rate.

11 12 13 14 15 16

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